Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I've been moaning for ages that I can't find decent crisps that are unsalted, but now....

BurtsCrisps shouldn't need salt anymore, now that they come in sealed bags they don't need preserving in the same way. Manufacturers stick with it for two reasons;
  • most crisps taste of nothing but their seasoning
  • people are addicted to salt
Well now Burts are standing behind the potato (and fat) taste of their crisps (chips) by offering salt free versions. They're great, and soon you'll be amazed people can still sell the fake tasteless heart destroying rubbish that comes in most snack bags.

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Alex said...

You need to try Jonathan Crisp's Jalapeno Pepper crisps ... they don't even have too much salt in them ... and they're HOT!