Friday, August 18, 2006

Invisible Titles

Here's a simple technique for web developers wanting alternate text for background images. Why would you want this? Well background images often disappear, for example when stylesheets fail to load, or are over ridden by a user with poor eyesight. To make sure the page still makes sense in these situations, put the following CSS in the sheet that contains the linked background image urls;

    .invisibletitle {display: none;}
@media print {
    .invisibletitle {display:block;}
@media aural {
    .invisibletitle {display:block;}

Then class="invisibletitle" can be applied to tags around alternate text in the html, making the text invisible whenever background images are visible, yet visible/readable when background images are missing or ignored. I said it was simple!

Do a print preview, or turn off stylesheets, to see the invisible titles appear.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Want to be modern?
Don't chase the now, by the time it's caught it'll be the tacky recent past.
Examine the true successes of the past and learn. Think about what lasts.

Do you know what really matters about you?
Lots of people have your skills, but none of them have your ideas.
Don't just do what people say, be sure to have your say; it counts.

Can you clone the essence of others?
What has made others successful is theirs.
Try and copy them and little of what worked for them will become yours.
Find a new way.

One step too far removed?
Design is problem solving, not just giving the abstract form.
Without knowing the problems of your clients or customers you can't give them an answer.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mexico '68 - London '12


I've always envied the "completeness" of the ID work Lance Wyman did for the Mexico 68 olympics. That often copied font expanded out to form everything, from Bridget Riley style posters to the wayfinding system, and informed the whole look and atmosphere of the games in a way no other Olympics ID has come close to.

Now what can London offer?

I imagine Johnston's Underground font could be used to cement the London connection, but as the broadly simular Gill Sans has been used for recent games I hope the effort is made to develop something new and distinctive.

Wolff Olins have been awarded the work, lets wait and see what they come up with.