Monday, November 13, 2006

Robots Save Lives

From my site last year, "Unlike most of Britain I have a very utilitarian attitude to cars. They get me where I need to go, and I feel no need to live out any Formula1 or RAC Rally fantasies. This might go someway to explaining why I feel no antipathy towards speed cameras on our narrow dimly lit residential streets. I'd much rather have those cheery camera signs, or robots as our 3 year old calls them, persuading me to slow down than car suspension and back breaking speed bumps. Despite, or perhaps because, no-one seems to share my attitude I've created a range of bags and t-shirts celebrating the speed camera sign. Available from the shop."

Now my sidelined views on speed cameras led me to the idea that those nice people at howies might be interested in my design, as they tend to favour the outsiders. So I, perhaps vainly, sent them my design. Not only didn't they take it up, no surprise there, but have done there own 'thought provoking' speed camera design. This one however seems to be disappointedly chasing the mainstream view that cameras have more to do with revenue than safety. Shame.


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Nick said...

Not sure about them when used as a substitute for driver education though. Cameras on the motorway increase accident rates, the presence of Police and traffic patrol officers is the only measure that reduces it. [Transport Research Lab report 595]

Lancashire is full of speed cameras, so you'd expect some good effects on our safety record.

At 11 out of 50 camera sites in Blackpool the number of accidents rose. [BBC]

In 2005 Lancashire bucked the national trend and overall road casualties went up by 3%. [DfT]

Cyclist casualties in Lancashire rose up by 10% in 2005. [DfT] I've been clipped by a drivers looking at a camera not the road and other road users.

G as in Chris said...

I absolutely love the design.